Thursday, March 09, 2006

Week of the never-ending late school nights

We all have had nights where we are up late doing school stuff, but this week (everyday this week) I have actually been on campus until at least 9pm only to turn around and be back on campus at 7:30am. Tonight is another late night because of class but at least I should be home somewhere around 7. I can't wait until this week is over...or well...all of my presentations are over. Testing class went smashingly well, and in a bold ego-centric move, I would say that ours was the best in the class. Then again, we also were the last group and had the benefit of seeing what happened with the groups prior to us in class. Either way my partner and I easily spent 20 hours in preparation for this together, and then more time on top of that was spent working on our own.

And there was something else that I was going to write about...but I forgot. It looks like today is going to be one of those days.


Anonymous said...

Mmm... "Turkish Delight"...Sounds like a "PORNO" site...Oh! Forgive me it's just another whining soap box ..!

Dimari said...

Anonymous---you are a total "ash hole"! I am convinced that you get off writing or should I say commenting about things that you have little or NO knowledge about; just stirring things up because you have nothing better to do. GET A LIFE! If you had one, you would have a name and not be Anonymous.

Murat Altinbasak said...

Check the comments on one of my recent posts (it has 14 comments) and you might see a connection. The cretin who left me numerous comments had an IP in the UK. Just a gutless troll with no identity, a nobody.