Thursday, March 09, 2006

threatening comments

So yesterday I received several comments on this blog that were either freaky whacked out or just plain question is, what really is the motivation? As this blog is my expression it should be noted that I will make complete fun of these people if I so choose. I also take full responsibility for anything that I write here. Comment if you wish but please give me a name if you are going to call me one so that I can adequately curse you.


Anonymous said...

Sadly but TRUE... Bird Flu Turkey have a very long struggle ahead... This third world country will never be accepted in and play a part in the EU not when it is a Public Health and Safety Risk/Issue...! It's just not the Bird Flu that's a worry! BUT the KILLING/BOMBING of tourists and their own! DISGRACEFUL! I would rather spend my time in GREECE!

rob said...

*bombs anonymous*

Shy said...

Anonymous: nobody cares about your opinions.