Sunday, April 09, 2006

Target is not meant for people who actually hand wash their dishes.

Today Mr.3 and I ventured forth to Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond to use some of the wedding gift cards that we have been given. Unfortuately, as things have been tight financially, we had to use the Target cards for needed items instead of fun stuff...things like shampoo, deoderant...that kind of thing. Normally these are items that we would get from Kmart (I refuse to go to Walmart-one for family loyalty and two I find the store and a lot of the people I see shop there as scruzy). I came to the conclusion that Target really is a department store for those who have more money than they probably need. Everything is designed for impulse buys. Cookies, knickknacks, etc all marked down to a dollar walk past it, go "hey what a good price!" and throw it into the cart....conveniently forgetting that the astringent you are buying costs the same at Target as twice as much does at Kmart. I don't impulse buy at Kmart, Mr.3 says that's because I grew up in the store, but after today I think that Kmart is really focused on selling people stuff that they need (that isn't really glamorous) at a decent price. We needed when we go to Kmart they have a huge section of their aisle with different brands and different varieties for you to choose from, they have about the same size of display for dishwasher soap....Target on the other hand has three brands to choose from and no varieties (I currently have been using the Palmolive with Bleach--and there was none of that it sight.) They had a HUGE section of dishwasher soap---apparently regular Target shoppers don't handwash their dishes....but they have plenty of stuff to make it look like you do regular housework. For instance they have a huge selection of fancy-smancy mops that look really neat, but I doubt that they would hold up to the amount of cleaning that I have to regularly do....and trying to find sponges to clean something was near impossible....I guess that people now clean everything with some sort of a wand-stick thing instead. Don't get me wrong, Target is nice, and they do have some really good deals. We got an excellent tall floor lamp for $8, and we bought a coffee maker for the office this morning for $10...but they aren't high quality by any means...something that you can easily throw away. Today I fully understood why Target is getting the nickname: the rich man's Walmart.
At Bed, Bath and Beyond we got some more functional than fun items, but at least these were items that we didn't desperately need to survive....a couple of laundry hampers, shoe polisher stuff for Mr.3 and a shoerack for his shoes that are taking over the bedroom, and a coffee grinder for the bag of coffee beans we bought ages ago but never bothered to get ground.

Let's see...other than that...Mr.3 has been sick since Friday with something that I had the previous seems to be hitting him harder than it hit me...and I can tell you, it's bad. So he is napping at the moment, and I am blogging instead of the homework that I badly need to focus on.

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