Monday, May 22, 2006

4 logical steps for parallel parking

Not once, but twice today we had an encounter with bad parallel parkers.
Bad parallel parker number one:
Mr.3 and I are sitting on the patio outside of Barnes and Nobles in the Gateway, enjoying a tasty beverage after a day of wandering aimlessly from mall to mall so that I can collect furniture catalogs to get ideas to redo our house. Looking down on the plaza, we notice this guy attempting to parallel park in front of the Apple store. Only he didn't know how to parallel park...he tried to pull into directly into the spot and then straighten out. Anyone who has paralleled parked before knows that he has done this in the opposite way it is supposed to be done. We proceeded to watch him jocky his car back and forth a couple inches at a time. He got out of his car a total of three times to see if he was even close to getting into the spot. A foreign tourist tried to help him, but the closest he could get was the nose of his car mostly in the spot and the back of it still blocking traffic. I am not sure what annoyed me more....watching him try to park for five minutes, or the way that he finally left his car. This is the note that I wanted to leave on his windshield (but didn't get a chance to).

Parallel parking is quite easy when you approach it in a logical manner. Here are four easy steps.
Step 1: When you have found a spot that you wish to parallel park in pull your car one carlength past the spot that you wish to park in.
Step 2: Reverse into the spot by sharply turning the back of your car to the curb.
Step 3: Now putting your gear into drive, straighten out our car by driving forward turning your front tires into the curb.
Step 4: Adjust as needed.
By following these steps, and perhaps remembering your driver's ed class, you will be able to park like a pro...rather than make yourself out to be a complete fool for the rest of the mall to see.

Bad Parallel Parker Number Two: Driving home from the Gateway, a car two cars in front of us parallel parks. They did know how to do it correctly, which was refreshing. However they forgot that signalling is strongly recommended so that other drivers know what you intend to do. When you just stop the car and throw it in reverse in heavy traffic, communication with the other cars that almost smash into you should be a high on your list of goals.

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Stephanie said...

since i got my subaru 2 years ago i haven't parallel parked at all. i just find somewhere else. i hate looking like an asshole