Saturday, May 27, 2006

Apparently I have cajones

Yesterday it was 91 degrees, today my body is a little confused and I spent most of today napping and drugged up. We ventured outwards about 8 pm today and we discovered that the weather was a little difficult on the electricity. So we are at 7th east and 21st and the lights are out....which means, if you remember driver's ed, that it needs to be treated as a four way stop. So I politely wait my turn, begin to drive across the intersection when not one, but two cars figure that there is no stop. I held my hand on my horn the entire way through the intersection much to the amusement of Mr.3 and the car next to me trying to cross the intersection without being hit. It was by far the bitchiest thing that I have ever done by driving, but it was quite liberating.

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