Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I've got the blahs

Infrequent to non-existant posting is due to my depression ravaged body. Nothing new but more of the same old stuff that is too private to put into my blog.

Anyway....last week an annoucement was put out for some last minute FLAS scholarships for this summer. Since this summer I will not be working (alas, the Outreach job is only 10 months out the year) I thought that I would apply for the scholarship. The FLAS is only for language study and really for something so short notice my only program choice is the intensive Arabic program at BYU. Arabic you may ask? (Well for a lot of you, I am sure the question is also BYU?) Yes Arabic. I took a year in 2000 and I have an opportunity to get paid to take and intensive second and third year of it....and well....I am going to take a leap and take the class with Mr.3--who was planning on taking it anyway. The past two days have been fun as we have spent 2 hours a day reviewing. (with varying levels of bum pinchings and the slight molestation ;)) It is slowly coming back, but now I at least have some more linguistic background under my belt to understand what I didn't before. Now on to the subject of BYU....applying isn't too bad, signing off on the honor code isn't too bad, but where in the hell am I going to get an Ecclesiastical Endorsement!? I tried to go the "talk to your local LDS bishop" route....but no one answers their dang phone....the missionaries have no problem knocking on your door at any random time, but try to talk to someone by choice? No chance. And I am throughly annoyed with the hoops that the administration here is making me go through....they have already told me that one of my letters of recommendation is invalid and that they weren't even sure if they could fund the program....which they have decided now that they can. Basically they are treating me like I have already been awarded the money and trying to find some reason to take the money away from me. I am not sure if they are worried about some conflict of interest.....but they didn't care when they screwed me over originally for my Graduate program. And we all know how messed up that was.


Dimari said...

Ecclesiastical Endorsement--an interesting read. :)

rob said...

Gahh! teh bla4s!