Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More for my benefit than yours

The very last vestiages of this school semester is sitting in a tattered document on my desktop only waiting to be repaired with all of the random bits of information in my head.

I was supposed to work on a take-home test and a paper while I was gone in California. It didn't happen- - no surprise really. I had the best of intentions of working on it yesterday but I crashed because of the drive; recovering from the dehydration and stress of the past week. I think that Mr.3 is getting sick....which means that the Genghis and Aziz uprising of my GI tract might have been in fact a bit more contagious than it should have been....stupid re-occuring ameboic dysintery (ouch the spell checker gods but be angry with that one).

I managed to finish the take-home test and am now working on the isn't going well. I started to work on my Kurdistance article....which will probably be along the same lines of my paper but I have hit a road block so I spent the past hour listening to songs on my Ipod Nano that Mr.3 gave me and reading old entries of poetry and diary-type items that I have written. At 26 my head is a lot clearer than it was at 23. I am more rational now but I am afraid that my writing lacks the lyrical quality that it once had.

There is alot to say about the passing of my Uncle and I am not sure that I know where to start with everything. I have discovered (well I suspected) that my Uncle was a very different man than I had imagined....not that that is bad, it is only that I found out that he was even more secretive about his life than what we thought. Part of me wants to write about him, all that we learned, that we are learning now....I want to piece my Uncle together from the artifacts that he left behind. But is that a fitting tribute? He lived to keep everything to himself, should he be lead to rest in the same fashion?

Either way, all of this still leads to the same conclusion....that I have a paper waiting to be finished. I think that I am going to change locations of my computer (from the dining room table to the TV tray by the couch)...something has gotta give. I have so much to finish and I want to have it all done at a time that still enables me to sleep tonight.

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