Thursday, June 22, 2006

Strange People

Salt Lake is an odd place to begin with. If you are not part of the Mormon culture (which resembles a bunch of medically happy people constantly dressed in Sunday best) you are part of "the other". There is no middle ground in Utah. People watching is really fun here as you get a lot of the extremes of "the other".

Case in point, the pink guy. I see this guy all the time, but he seems to be mostly around Liberty Park (a park that used to be quite scary but is now a Bohemian haven). He is always walking, with intent, with his bleached blond hair tipped with neon pink, hot pink flash pants and light pink shirt. He fascinates me...whenever I see him I am never in a position to ask him about the pink....he could just like pink....but that much...there must be a reason. However I do run the risk of never being able to end the conversation with him if I begin it.

Another odd person that I saw today was at the Fred Meyers/Smiths/or whatever they are calling that store this week, and as I was walking in I was presented with this guy who I think was trying to do a half Joan/half Jack thing (bonus points if you get the music reference on that!). This shirt was half hot pink (what is it with that color today?) and half black. On the pink side he had his black hair in a ponytail that jutted out from his ear and his eye was lined like a cat with liquid black eye-liner. The other half of him was normal. I tried not to stare but I was honestly trying to figure out what he was up to. As we passed each other he said in the deepest voice ever "what's going on girlie girl?". I didn't say anything, just nodded hello. But I really wasn't sure how to I address him as "Girlie Boy"? Or just "Hey, I'm good, but did you know that your makeup is running?" Mr. 3 says that I should have addressed him with the more formal "Mr. Ma'am".

My basic confusion is how to figure out what people's statements are. If they had buttons they could pass out or wore t-shirts that say "Today I am trying to prove ______". That would be sooo much easier for me.

As to my sleep patterns, I have been employing the sweet over-the-counter-generic-unisom-sleeping-pills to relieve my sleeping malady....oh what a beauty they are!

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