Sunday, July 23, 2006

Checking in....

I seemed to have spent way too much of my time yesterday "pimpin' out" my Myspace account to appease my little brother. I find the whole site oddly complicated but that might be that it is a combination of way too many things that I am used to using infinitely better software for... oh well. And the fact that I can't comment back to my friends on my own account....just strange.

As for the personal, Mr. 3 and I head back to Denver tomorrow to handle more legal stuff. Let's just say that banks cannot be trusted....we were actually told that they (the bank) were not entitled to give us our money...and we have been bouncing from one customer service rep to another only to have them cancel our bank account and accuse us of the moral of the story is....don't trust wire transfers and don't trust Zions Bank and anyone associated with them. Ok, so I know that this paragraph is odd and out-of-the-blue...but I haven't really mentioned anything even though this entire problem started in January....and I am really worried about how things are going to go at the US Attorney's Office tomorrow. When this is all over...soon I hope....I will write ALL of the details down for you to see. Wish me luck!

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