Sunday, July 16, 2006

Have you ever been to Silt Colorado?

I have, in fact our car broke down there on our way back from Denver. The car had been making some wonderful progress on the drive back, dear Koosie seemed to be doing well, then about a mile or two before we came across Silt the air conditioner stopped working and the check battery light went on. We made it off I-70 and parked at the Gofer Food Conoco station.....well it was that or the Kum n' Go station across the street, and I couldn't honestly keep a straight face while in there anyway.

One of the attendents gave me the number to her personal mechanic who said that he would be there in about a half hour. So Mr.3 and I purchased Lunchables and those goofy toys out of those 25 cents vending machines. I watched a piece of pink gum that someone has spit onto the ground melt in the 105 degree heat and turn bright orange. After an hour we called him again, to which he announced that he wasn't going to show up....thanks bud. The next hour was spent trying to stop me from crying and find someone to help us in this little town. Of course if the mechanic guy had told me when I first talked to him that he couldn't help I might have been able to contact one of the other mechanics in town.....but by the time we found out, they were all closed. So we had to arrange for someone to come down from Rifle and then tow our car (to the tune of $280) to Grand Junction; where we left our car and the remains of the frayed and broken alternator generator fan belt thingy that broke on our car.

Luckily my parents were only 2 and a half hours away and were able to come and get us. Tomorrow the real fun begins because we have to figure out how much the repair will be, how we will figure out payment for the repair, and then of course, collecting the car. It really marred the whole Denver trip to say the least. I can't go into details about the outcome of the Denver meeting, but it is positive and hopefully I will be able to tell about it soon. We'll see.

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