Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rambllings and Updates

Ever notice that you always hear the Moody Blues "Tuesday Afternoon" on Wednesday?

So I went to the BYU bookstore today and bought two books that Mr.3 and I have been looking and sniggering at for a while. As we have to leave to drive to Denver tonight, I thought that we needed some reading material to make us laugh. The first book is called "Strangling your husband is not an option" it is all about how to make yourself be a good and patient Mormon housewife. For example "When you were looking for a husband you always looked your best, the same should continue after marriage". At first I didn't think anything of the sentence until I stopped an considered the phrase "when you were looking for a husband"....yeah, the book is about how to master a relationship based upon superficiality...and of course, this responsibility falls upon the woman. Along the same vein of who is responsible for keeping the marriage happy is the other book that we bought, entitled "And they were not ashamed"---strengthening marriage through sexual fulfillment. I expect that it will give us more tips on how to do it "missionary style".
But perhaps the most fun about purchasing these books was because I took these two books up to the counter by myself in addition to another copy of the Book of Mormon (I don't have the Pearl of Great Price and I have been reading about the mormon papryi) looked liked I was having some real problems at home...the look on the girls face and her comment of "have a good week" was priceless. I knew that I should have picked up a priesthood guide for Mr.3...that would have made it THAT much better.

I saw someone pray before they ate their lunch in the cafeteria today. It was weird.

Sorry for the strange post. I am alone on the BYU campus today as Mr.3 is at home in order to greet the plumber to help with the foul smelling drains. Unfortuately, they didn't find anything...what a drag.

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