Monday, July 10, 2006

Home Pungent Home

Well I have alluded to the fact that something horrible lives within our drains....smelling what I would consider to be close to the anus of Satan himself while having a bit of an "upset tummy". So today, Mr.3 and I return from the weekend at my parents and a day of Arabic at a house that smelled much much much worse than it did before.....quite like a sewer actually and we fear that a sewer pipe in our house has ruptured somewhere beneath the stove in the kitchen (as that is where the smell is the foulest). As normal the house is a mess and dirty dishes are everywhere, and I cleaned as much as a could in order to determine that the cause of the smell was not the dishes. So tomorrow, we wait for the plumber and hope that our house will not permanently smell like this.

In other news.....I got the blood tests back from the glucose is now out of pre-diabetic levels and well into the normal range. Which is excellent as this is showing that I will likely be able to prevent the diabetes which the doctors said would be inevitable without intervention and I have severely cut my chances for gestational diabetes later I just have to continue losing weight to make sure that I can keep this all down without medication.

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