Wednesday, September 27, 2006

One of life's $%&#ing ironies

Today I had a lesson plan due, first due in a series of three. Due to my inability to actually focus on anything when I am emotionally distraught (which lately is much much much much more often than I would ever in a million years like it to be), I put off finishing this project. Everything was sort of floating around in my head, but nothing really written down.

So I worked a little on it this weekend, then more on it Monday, tried to form coherent sentences on it on Tuesday, and then today slapped myself into gear and madly worked on it while trying to work at work....and managed to get the thing finished and printed a full hour before class had begun.

I get to class, where other graduate students were a little shocked that it was really due today...and was feeling pretty smug about getting my work done...even if it may not be up to the high level that was originally envisioned.

At the end of class I was hit with this: "Oh, we decided to give you an extra week".

I was shocked....dammit! I could have used that extra week...I could have not slept with the guilties because I wasn't working on it like I should have. And I really wanted the other students who weren't ready to feel bad---yes, I am looking for that kind of valiadation at the moment. There was so much that I could have done with that extra time! So now I am faced with the I or don't I turn the project in? What to do? Can you guess what I did?

I turned the lesson plan in so that I could say that for once, I finished something early.

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