Monday, September 25, 2006

Potty Mouth?

When people talk on their cell phones in public restrooms, I flush more than what is needed.

Is this rude of me? No, just a clear declaration of my right to pee in peace and quiet. I really don't want to hear your conversation to begin with. But I definitely don't want to hear about who you "accidentally" slept with at a party on Saturday, or that you still love the guy and totally trust him even though he is married she so nicely put it...."fucking you".

How come all of those people who talk on their cell phones in the bathroom don't have conversations like..."oh, you need me to pick that up at the store" or "I'm running late, I will be there soon."? No, the conversations that people have on their cell phones in public restrooms are intensely private...affairs, gossip...etc. Maybe the bathroom seems like a safer place to talk about these things rather than the hallway or maybe...YOUR HOUSE...because the bathroom is where people routinuely drop their pants.

Either way...the longer that I come across these types of cell phone conversations, the more I will repeatedly flush the toilet.

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