Thursday, October 19, 2006

Enlightenment Update

I talked to Mr.3 this morning. Yes, he was trying to start a new life...and the only way that he could completely get rid of all of the horrors of the first life was to start new, and that included a new name.

Never fear however....he is in the process of legally changing his name....which for men is a process that takes 2-3 years to go completely through. This leaves me the ability to still refer to Mike as Mike and not having to go through the strange process of having to learn to call him Scott.

Although I am being ravaged by a stress cold from let-down....I feel really good about all that has happened. When I talked to Mr.3 this morning, he told me that he has been trying to tell me the truth for months....but do you really start a conversation like this?

I feel at peace today....which is good. Because I really need to be able to focus some of my attention on to school matters.

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