Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm back

So much has happened to me in the last two weeks or so that the only way I can cover it all in one post is in list format.

1. Things continue to go well with Mr.3 and reconnecting with his family. He is currently in Florida dealing with some business that I am not prepared to discuss yet. Hopefully we will be able to bring him home soon.

2. Managed to successfully pull off my workshop at work on Saturday the 28th. This was my first one running things and it seemed to go smoothly---my boss is happy. However there is an explosion on my desk that I have to figure out.

3. Jimmy-my little brother-moved in with me on Friday the 28th. The house still isn't ready because...

4. We received word that Grandpa died on Saturday the 28th. So when I was expecting to have my family staying with me until Monday, there were here till Wednesday when we left for California.

5. Saturday night Jimmy and I went to Rocky Horror....tons of fun, but I can't do that late night stuff anymore.

6. Monday my family and I went to enroll Jimmy in his new high school. His counselor was horrible...his job was to know the classes and he didn't. After being in his office for 2 hours trying to find something to fit into the last class spot for Jimmy I cracked and decided that if Jimmy didn't need to have that time fit with a class then he could come home early....rather than spend one more minute with the man who insisted on scrolling through a 44 page pdf document even AFTER I told him that he could do a search function on it. Since we would have had to have Jimmy miss the rest of the week of school he officially starts next Tuesday...and I get to deal with the counselor again.

7. Tuesday afternoon I had a presentation in CBI class....afterwards Jimmy and I went again to Rocky Horror...again- lots of fun, new brother/sister tradition...I might post the pictures of us...or not, you will have to wait.

8. Early Wednesday morning we were off to California....did the whole drive in one day. Cousin Mary was so good to let us use her house in Palm Desert to stay at.

9. Thursday was the funeral and the multiple family gatherings that happen afterwards. There is alot of anger and animosity of how my (step) Aunt is handling things with my Grandma that I will probably discuss later. Let's just say that the step relationship wasn't an issue until my Aunt made it one a couple of months ago...and no one from my Grandma's family came from the funeral to support her son. However her son has no problems is sending his daughter with a UHaul to my Grandma's house and cleaning it out.

10. Friday, The most difficult of days. We went to visit my Grandma, only to be made extremely unwelcome by my Aunt who was determined to give away all of my Grandma's and Grandpa's things---completely oblivious to the tears of my Grandma. I have a feeling that I will probably not be allowed to see her again.

11. Saturday was the long drive home again. I fell carrying stuff out to the car and I still ache. I might have broke a bone in my wrist, but the pain is lessening today to I might have just strained it. On the drive home the craziest thing happened....I ran into a friend from childhood at a gas station in Primm Nevada. She lives in LA now and the odd thing was that on her birthday-earlier in the month-I had a dream about her. Strange coincidences that life presents to me.

12. Contact with Mr.3 has been mostly through at least an hour a night has been spent writing to him...afterwards I am so tired that I don't have the energy to blog...I must work on time management.

13. Today was my first day of orientation for my holiday job at Williams-Sonoma, I start officially next Thursday.

14. Now I just have to figure out what we (the family) are going to do for the rest of today and to help my brother settle in while studying for a mid-term....

...for the most part things feel like they are calming down but not really...Grandpa finally being at peace does limit the stress levels though. Now it is just figuring out how to get back to regular business.

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