Friday, November 17, 2006


I wrote the letter...well part of it anyway...but I am going to wait to give it to him when he is back home. Libby and Mom read it and told me that it was mild. Either way, the act of writing the letter was very soothing. I cried for a little while after I wrote it. I haven't been able to cry for a while so it was nice.

I think that I am beginning to get used to the new routine. least where my brother and job 1 and job 2 are concerned. I have a ton of school work coming due and this weekend will be rough. I also finally got around to cleaning the house (parents are coming to stay for this weekend and for thanksgiving), so now that the house is clean after the explosion that hit it when Jimmy moved in it will be easier to keep up. Of course in order to find time to clean the house this morning I got up at 4am.

And to the anon. commentator... your well wishes do mean something to me. I thank you for them. Take care.


Kerrith Black said...

If it helps you then I am glad you wrote the letter. But, mild is too forgiving. You have been through a lot and have a right to be angry.

Also, put your brother to work with the house cleaning. He will have to learn some day...

Anonymous said...

I agree the men in your life should learn how to clean! Coddling them- even to avoid frustration- will only continue the cycle of them depending on women for order in their lives.