Monday, January 29, 2007

Drop Down Menus from Hell!

I want to create a drop-down menu for my Excel spreadsheets detailing the wonders of DOE reporting....and I follow all of the frigging instructions only to have the damn thing not work!!!! I have tried like four different instructions and each of them do not work. this shouldn't be that hard!

Forget creating the fucking template....Microsoft can eat my ass.

Hi folks!
Contrary to the absolute frustration of the drop down Monday at work has been really good...why else would I have the time to spend two hours figuring out drop-down menus for a template that only I will ever use?

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Anonymous said...

just thought i'd drop a note and say your name will be the middle name of our daughter when she comes in july! i'm an american but live with my kurdish husband in izmir. (he's from van erciƟ)... i love your name. :)