Sunday, February 11, 2007

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Actually this news is a few days old, but I am really feeling the brunt of it today. Mr.3 got a job this week...a really good job doing computer consulting like he used to. Instead this time he isn't the manager of the business and it should be alot less stressful. Let's hope.

And if we all wanted a situation where our trust of the other had to be tested....this is it.

Currently, Mr.3 is somewhere on a bus somewhere is probably Illinois on his way to Washington DC. He needs to be there for training on the 13th and he will be gone close to 14 days if you count in travel time.

He is taking the bus for 2 reasons. One, he doesn't have his ID (long story on that) and two, it is all I could afford (as it is, I feel bad that I could only give him 200 to survive on...that is less than $20 a day). The company he will be working for has assured him that they will make sure he has the means to get back home. As they will be issuing him ID (another really long story) it is likely that they will be able to fly him home. I hope that they will be able to do that, simply because Ehud Barak will be speaking at the University on the 22nd, and "I" might be able to get him an audience with the former PM. As he is working on a project about the Lebanon war, it would be great to be able to ask some questions. ...and I wouldn't mind it if he was home as early as he could be.

14 days is a long time when you consider that I have only had him home for 4 weeks. Last Friday was our first wedding anniversary. I took the day off and it was a wonderful day with him...but bittersweet as we had to get him on the bus early the next morning.

When and if he comes home he will be bringing with him a reimbursement check and a rather hefty signing bonus check. This will be great seeing that my meager paycheck will not have gotten us through the month anyway...and since 2/3rds of my paycheck went to getting him to DC...the need is all the more greater.

Last summer when I left him in Denver all the alarms and bells and whistles of my intuition were going off...they aren't now. My gut reaction is that this is all happening and that things are starting to get better....and my rational side has only a teeny tiny voice that keeps reminding me that you might need to be prepared if this is just a ruse. If he doesn't come back, I will without a doubt, not be able to survive it. People keep noting my strength...but honestly if this fails...I won't be able to endure.

And Mr.3 knows how I feel, he knows my fears....and he knows just how hard it was for me to tell him the other night that I did trust him.

The only way to really test if you trust someone is just to trust them and see how they manage with that trust.

So....I am trusting him.

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Stephanie said...

well if things don't go well you can always come here :)
we love you an hope that things start to go your way