Monday, January 01, 2007

Everyone Needs a Good Bum Kneading

In India, it is auspicious to be....well....big like me.

In other words....this was yet another trip filled with stares and pinches for me. Unfortunately this is something that I am getting used to. Well you can never fully get used to it, but I can pretend for a moment, can't I?

Our story begins on the subway, or metro, or monorail...whatever you wish to call it. The picture shows it being rather empty, once you board you are packed in like sardines.
I have experience of being in tightly packed trains, but nothing like this. It was so tight I couldn't move my arms, and at a couple of instances, my own body.

It started innocently enough, the 14 year old (that is what I am classifying him as...either way he was old enough to know what he was doing and that it was wrong, but young enough that he thought that he could get away with it) was packed in next to me. At first it was just him pressed next to everyone else. Then it was noticeably his pelvis pressing/rubbing up against me as hard as he could without attracting attention.

I squirmed my body away as best as I could.

The crowd shifted and my body became trapped, unable to move away. His hand began to rub tiny circles on my right hip, then moving southwards to fondle my right bum cheek.

I tried to move away but I couldn't...and my friend John wasn't translating my panic looks correctly.

His hand begins to press and squeeze and bit more firmly now. I tighten my bum cheeks...but my bum is so big that you really can't tell when I am pressing them tightly together. I know this because I checked afterwards. Either way, his hand has now moved to the recess between two bum cheeks and I am truly starting to freak out.

I kicked backwards, hit the wrong person who said something sharply to me in Hindi. I smiled an apology and tried to grab John to help me, but he was being pushed back further into the crowd. I twisted my body as much as I could, throwing my hips out as much as possible, pushing back several Indians who weren't happy with me either.

The kid just pressed his shoulder into to my shoulder blades, making me arch and definitely immobile...and he continued on with his exploration of the left side of my posterior.

And then, thankfully, our stop comes and I push roughly against him to get out. He had the same stop and after we got out he turned around and just leered at me....knowing what he had done and that he had gotten away with it. I shouted at him "Your Mother would be ashamed!"

It was at this point that the rest of my party realized that there was a problem. Yeah I should have made a scene, but it is alot harder than what it seems...and Americans already have the stigma of being loud and obnoxious. After this, it became the running joke between us all. When we were at the Red Fort, John started to tell me about all of the people he was noticing, noticing me. And to think about all of the guys we saw primping and preening, trying to catch my still is pretty funny.

The next time I travel though, the only person kneading my bum will be my husband.

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SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear that!