Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Job Perks

One of the perks of my job is that I can get free lunch by being a filler person at the luncheons we hold for our speakers. Today I got dragged in to a lunch that I really didn't want to go to....and while the speaker was a very nice man with a extremely firm handshake...the rest of the company wasn't that great.

One of the donors was at the dinner and the guy drives me nuts...loud and obnoxious with the self-confident attitude that he can loudly prattle on about anything because he is rich. The gentleman in question is a "metal man" for lack of a better word...he has a recycling scrap business...which can make you alot....ALOT of money. Whenever I am around him however, he is so rude and obnoxious that he makes me want to become some upper-class British snob. "You're a metal man are you? From Cheapside? Oh dear, I don't care how care how rich you are with your 'new money' you will never be seen at St. James Court!" (kudos if you get all of those references)

The one truly amusing point of the whole long affair today, was the bug being inappropriate in polite company again. We were at the point where I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for being able to leave when everyone ordered tea and coffee. The bug and the director ,"I", got tea. "I" was talking to the speaker when the empty cup, teabag, and pot of hot water was delivered to him. The bug immediately sat into setting up her tea, but "I" was busy speaking. Then the bug began to wave her tea bag at Kelly--our office assistant--sitting next to "I". Of course, she is confused, and as the bug began to wave her tea bag around more and more fervently..more and more of the table was taking note of her strange behavior. Kelly grabbed "I"s tea bag and held it out to the bug. This is when she loudly said..."No, I want you to fix "I"s tea!"

Problems with this statement:
1. "I" was embarrassed and announced that he was perfectly capable of making his own tea.
2. "I" hates it when the staff babys him...so we NEVER do it. If the bug had been sitting next to him and she had started to make his tea for him he would have slapped her hand. And Kelly isn't required or ever expected in ANY circumstances to wait on the director.
3. oh yeah....the embarrassing silent moment that this little interchange created.

In any case, the incident filled me with mirth....kinda like the time when we had the secret service in the office and she walked in and pretended that her hand was a gun...

oh....good times.

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