Sunday, February 18, 2007

The wait is almost over!

Mr.3 went to Mount Vernon today, and since I couldn't go with him I thought that I would leave you a link.

Well I (and we) have survived the first week of business-related separation. I am starting to relax and I really really really really really really can't wait for Mr.3 to come home. I am also starting to calm down about the enormity of the possible lifestyle change. I don't really want to change how we live...rather I want to save every freaking penny possible! But I am looking forward to the days where I can keep frivolous food items like potato chips in the house and actually be able to eat them without guilt. And it isn't some some of diet guilt but rather the guilt of buying food that gets eaten so fast. It will be wonderful!

That, and I am super excited about getting new tires. The passenger front tire was about flat once Jimmy and I made it to Price (10 pounds of air in it) Dad thinks that it is a slow leak. Hopefully it will make it all the way back (and yes, we refilled it with air...I know you were thinking about that).

Also there is good news galore about my Dad's employment situation....more on that soon.

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