Sunday, March 04, 2007

21 Days

Heard back from Mr.3...he had good news and bad. Bad news, I won't get to see him today; good news he is being enrolled in a 21 day program. As the VA is so overburdened the U has developed a pilot program for those with PTSD and their spouses. The first week, both of us are in therapy--individually and together (this continues through the full 21 days), week two he will be allowed out of the hospital for a couple of hours a day, and then week 3 it is a further integration.

From day 1 (tomorrow) I will be getting help with him. And I will get to see him everyday.

Mr.3 was really positive about the care that he was getting...really positive. According to him this is better than anything that the VA has been able to give him. My having kick-ass insurance is helpful as well. He paid a $20 co-pay when he went in, and everything should be covered until he is officially discharged at the end of the 21 day period. Being an employee at the U also helps because of my benefits.

In week 2 or 3, they are probably going to bring Jimmy in on some of the sessions since he lives with us and the therapists are concerned with the role of the extended family.

I'm disappointed that I will not get to see him today....but at least it sounds like we are going to get the help that we all need. I should hear something tomorrow morning about when I need to go down for my first series of appointments.

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