Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Week

It is hard to believe that it has only been a week since Mr.3 said that he needed help. It feels much longer than that...but that might be only because I am desperately waiting to get ahold of Mr.3 for his bonus check so that I can pay rent...which is late, and the price is steadily rising with each day. $910 so far, and me with absolutely no way in hell to pay for it.

Well to keep you updated in the most general of ways....I have been getting short calls from Mr.3 -at least once a day- but absolutely no information from him about how to visit him. In fact for the past two days his doctor was supposed to call me...and of course, no call. I've called the ward so much to leave messages that they all tell me "oh yeah, you..." Who knows what that means. In any case, I am sick of calling.

I am tired of having to be the one extending myself.

Yesterday, Mr.3 told me that his doctor was going to stupid me, waited. No call, and I left a highly annoyed message on the cell phone. He called this morning at 6 am to tell me that he would have the doctor call me during their appointment that morning at 9 am. Mr.3 calls at 9:05 am, tells me that his doctor doesn't want to talk to me with him present and says that she assures him that she will call me after their session today about 10:30 am. No call.

Since then I have left several annoyed/furious messages.

I don't feel like I have been asking for the world. I just want to know where my husband is and to be given enough information to verify where he is and to discuss his treatment with his doctors. Hell, I should be entitled to this information if he is in fact admitted under my insurance. I am entitled to answers of how I am going to be expected to pay the rent when he has or has run off with the rent money.

I am angry and hurt. And tired of everyone under the sun asking questions. If I had answers it wouldn't be that bad, but I have none...nothing.

I miss him dearly. Mr.3 is not only my husband but my friend. I want to talk to him to bitch about the tires that I now have to re-fill with air every two days...that I worry about them exploding at any moment. I want to tell him about how my TESOL certificate came in the mail. I want to tell him about how I reordered his cell phone and that it will be delivered tomorrow---those of you who have Mr.3's cell number, you will be able to reach me there as of tomorrow evening. I want to have him help me and read through the cover letter and resume that I am working on for the Outreach position that is opening over at Global Voices.

At this rate he will be gone again for the same length of time that he was back.

I felt like I was just getting back onto my feet, and I took a chance, and now I am back to the hole that I was in again.

I just want resolution.

I want Mike.

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