Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And then I miss him again....

I had been waiting all day to see hear from him...and the one time that I am away from my desk, I miss his message. I was so upset I just broke down and cried at work...shutting my office door so that other wouldn't hear me...despite the 80 degree heat in my off because the air is broken.

2:01 PM Michael: are you online?
2:02 PM We get released on thursday. It will be 21 days of treatment not counting the 3 days of tests and evaluations
I got your vm and spent my whole session with the doctor today going over it
it was a difficult message, but I think i understsand what you need and what you mean, so i will happily arrange for myhoney to pick me up
2:03 PM I will try to gt online later and I will call you as well
I love you

7 minutes
2:10 PM me: god dammit, I just barely missed you!!!!

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