Monday, March 12, 2007


the past two days I have been able to talk to Mr.3 a little bit more. Yesterday for a full half hour! It was nice, we just prattled on to the other about nothing in particular just to hear the other one speak. And i just got off of a short phone call with him now.

An update on that grad student, 2 cracked ribs....and he has been removed from the unit. There are 14 other people in this program, and only one of them is from Vietnam. Mr.3 likes this because there are more guys there who are closer in age to him and have been through similar things. Apparently all of them are having to deal with not being able to see their families...Mr.3 just hopes that they are trying to baseline everyone to see when they are ready for that next step. He has an appointment with the female doctor today and is hoping to hear good news. He has, after all, been in this program for 7 days and there is only 2 weeks left. They should start bringing in family soon anyway.

I finished "In the Company of Heroes" yesterday, it was really good, and I cried throughout the ending. Mr.3 told the guys in his group that I had been doing a lot of reading to try to understand more of what he went through and they were quite impressed. I am going to read Black Hawk Down after I finish "Shake Hands with the Devil". It was written by the UN General that was stationed in Rwanda during the genocide. He has had a long battle with PTSD as well, so I hope that I find it somewhat enlightening.

Other than that, I am super ticked off because of daylight savings...I didn't have that much energy to be sapped of to being with.

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