Saturday, March 10, 2007

working on a Saturday

it is a rarity to work Saturdays but occasionally it does happen....special events only. The only good thing about working today was that it made up for the hours I missed when I was dealing with that first day of Mr.3 being gone.

We had a display table at a social studies teacher fair. It is a great time to make contacts and try to find out what we can do to incorporate the Middle East into the curriculum of what the state of Utah requires. I hate it when teachers say "I don't need anything about the Middle East, I teach elementary". The only thing officially in the curriculum of elementary schools is ancient Egypt in 6th is my goal to be able to come up with something that can be included in the elementary classroom.

I am really tired today...and it wasn't really work that did it, but lately I have been just super tired. I am trying to drink more water and less pop. In fact I went from having 2-3 sodas a day to 2-3 sodas a week. My muscles don't ache nearly as much. While I am tired, I sleep really well. So well that I don't need medication to get a good night's sleep. It is an odd win-win situation.

The high point of my day has been a text message from Jimmy when he discovered that I bought him some chips that he had been wanting. It said "I love you so much you don't even know" and it included a photo of the chips. I guess that I haven't been able to make myself feel happy for so long that if I can give someone else a bit of happiness it feels worthwhile.

Low point of my day....missing a phone call from Mr.3 because I was in the middle of a presentation. He didn't leave a message....probably thinking that I was mad at him for what happened yesterday...I wasn't. Not at all. I hope that he will be able to get another call out to me today. I miss talking to him soo much.

As of right now, I am spending my Saturday night on my lonesome. Yesterday I watched Sons of Provo....which was really funny---if you live in Salt Lake. I started reading a book about Somalia called "In the Company of Heroes", and I read it in until my eyes get tired...then clean or watch some tv, and then I go back to it. I know that I will never understand all that my husband has been through...but it doesn't mean that I can't try to learn about it.

So, that is my boring story for tonight, I wish that I had more to report. I hope that you are out doing something fantastically wild and fun in my stead.

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