Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Drag Show I Never Told You About

Sometime in January, I think, the Utah Pride Center held a small benefit for their youth group TINT. My brother has been going to the Center since he has moved up here and I think that it has been a wonderful experience for him. Each year they have a drag show called Vanity. What makes this show different than the ones that they hold every month, is that Vanity is the one time that parents and members of the community are allowed into the facility. Of course I took this opportunity...and I dragged Mr.3 along.

I got to meet some of Jimmy's friends (and love interests) and it was a good opportunity for me to donate money to the Center. Jimmy eats there alot and while their services are free, I still feel like I should contribute, if anything for the food that he eats there.

Whenever I talk about this show, I talk about how cute it was...the little draq-queens in waiting. Some of them were really good, some were horrible....but it is interesting to watch this transition, this process of these youth trying to find themselves.

The best performance by far was done by a young man named Tim. Dressed straight out of the 80's with matching tights, heels, and legwarmers he performed a remix of the song "I'm so excited". While the video below does not do justice to the energy in the room and how funny and original the performance can still get a taste for it.

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