Monday, April 09, 2007

Baby Lust

I have mentioned this a couple of times...but I have baby blues REALLY bad. I suspect that I want something to bestow all of my love on and to have a piece of Mr.3.

Last Friday the old outreach assistant came in with her little boy. He is just about two and he kissed me. Oh, his skin was so soft. And today, a Graduate student who I haven't seen in a year and a half came in to defend his thesis. He has a nine-month old boy...with the cutest dimples.

Both of these incidents had the same outcomes...I played with these adorable children until I had to abruptly excuse myself so that I could go into my office...

and cry.

Cry because I wanted the same....cry because when they all asked me how married life was, and I smiled and told them that everything was ok....cried because I want a little one of my own that looks at me with Mr.3's eyes.
One day...

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