Saturday, April 21, 2007

End of Semester Silence

Yeah, I've haven't been blogging much because I am trying to finish out the semester. I am quite happy to announce that I have finished my Syntax take-home final a full 3 days before it was due!!

Libby and I have been trying to buckle down in our studies and have been meeting almost everyday for the past week at the coffee shop a few doors down from my house. Which oddly, has worked really really well. I think that it has been partly due to me working without the distraction of my computer. My presentation for course design was last Wednesday and on Tuesday we were at the coffee shop for 5 hours just working on school stuff. My notebook smells like coffee. And it payed off. My presentation was fantastic. I am going to be egotistical and say that my presentation was the most polished of all that presented and I looked like I was really on top of my stuff. And best of all, after my presentation I was walking up to my teacher to ask her if I had improved when she rushed up to me, grabbed my arm with eager excitement, and told me "well done!".

I nailed it. And hopefully salvaged my grade and my graduate career.

Now I just need to slowly plod along and finish the rest of my project. The presentation made it look like I have done alot of work on my project, but I really haven't. If I work on it for several hours every day for the next two weeks it should be great. Wednesday is the last day of classes, and while I would like to have everything done for then, it won't happen. Our teacher hasn't given us a specific deadline....she just told us to get it in to her before grades are due, which is May I am shooting for May 1st.

The only downfall of working at the coffee shop is that you feel obligated to buy something each day in exchange for taking up their table I am going to have to budget for this. Because I think that I will probably do the majority of my thesis work there this know in those times between the second job that I will have to get.

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Claire said...

Hello deborah,
couldn't find an email adress on your blog (am I blind?). I would need to have your mail in order to discuss translation of one of your post on GV. My mail: briconcella at gmail dot com.