Monday, April 30, 2007

The Nature of the Week

The nature of good days and bad days astounds me. Take today for is a good f*$%ing day.

Is the saying that good news travels in pairs or comes in threes? I am hoping that it is threes.

Good News Item Number 1- My parents are currently in a contingency sale of their house. This couple would buy my parents house only if their house sold. Well that couple has changed their mind and want to close on the house and move in as soon as possible. So the house is sold!!! after it has been on the market since last September. Further good news is that upon hearing that the house is sold, my Dad put in an ultimatum to the new job and he has now found out that he is to report for duty as manager of the new ALCO store in Sodona Arizona on June 11th...Oddly enough my parents 31st anniversary.

Good News Item Number 2- Linda, my boss, called me today (I am taking today off) to let me know that it has been approved that I work this entire summer. This is amazing!!! Now I don't have to worry about trying to cover rent for those two months and my benefits for those two months. I had taken out a loan to cover the expenses, but I knew that I would have to get a second job for the summer to still make ends meet (I helped my parents out financially.) Now I have a surplus...that I intend on holding onto. But in the meantime I know that I can help my parents out more and that we (that being Mr.3 and I) will be able to take a short trip to Florida so that I can finally meet my in-laws (that is a little scary actually).

In between the texts from my mom about the sale of the house, I was sweeping mine...and I was suddenly overcome with body was telling me that today was going to be the was going to be the day that Mr.3 comes home. I have never felt like that before, so sure of let's hope that good news really does travel in threes...if anything so that I know that my intuition is still functioning properly.

And now, I should go back to one of two things....working on my project or planning my brother's graduation festivities. See.....good news all around...and its a MONDAY!!!

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