Tuesday, April 10, 2007

PTSD Protest Songs?

So I have been seeing signs around campus for David Rovics, a peace activist/musician, to be performing. Back in my "protest days" (which sounds funny because I will always be a protester at heart) I went to a concert of his, and fell in love with his music. Hearing of him coming back in town I thought that I would review his music...and I found that his music only has a certain time and place in history where his music still resonates. The album I bought was made in 2002 and I felt that it was absolutely perfect for what was happening in the world at the time...and as I am listening to it now I find that I still agree with it. Then I decided to go to his website and see what he has been up too....first thing I notice....an endorsement by Cindy Sheehan. Oh god. Readers of this blog already know what I think of her and her ill-informed celebrity crew of protesters...and now David Rovics has sold out and joined them.

He had a couple of songs on his newer albums about returning vets and PTSD...I listened...and was horrified. Obviously no clue what someone with PTSD thinks about and like....obviously never talked to someone about it, who was there. It was cliche after cliche after cliche....

Needless to say....no longer a fan.

If you want to listen to good protest music, listen to Shake Your Peace. Much better and more realistic in my opinion...and they are currently doing a bike tour across Utah. When they play someone rides on a bike to create the electrical current for their amplifiers...which is pretty cool.

Oddly enough, they are playing on campus this weekend.

**An update to the Easter weekend post, Mr.3 and his doctor have been discussing my "enemy" idea (and it has also been a subject of discussion in his group sessions). He and his doctor think that I am on to something, and it sounds like it has been helpful in his therapy progress....but who knows when they will think that he is ready to come home. Hopefully soon, because at the rate I'm going I will have eaten all of his Easter candy...oh well! Seriously though, I hope that his serves as the breakthrough that we need....I have felt better since I had the idea, so if anything it is a breakthrough for me.

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