Wednesday, May 02, 2007

10 Random Things I Learned Today

1. While I understand the basic principles of forming a budget and planning for the future...I have friends who are about to graduate college who have no idea. Not only does this frighten them...but it frightens me.
2. Frederick II of the Holy Roman Empire wanted to learn what would happen to children who were raised without being talked to or touched. He took several infants away from their parents and gave them to nurses who were forbidden to touch or talk to them. All of the children died before they ever spoke.
3. I can in fact recall information that I researched several months ago with a high degree of accuracy, but I can't seem to remember what it was that I wanted to look up earlier today.
4. Compared to the other GV bloggers...I really don't write about social issues or "substantive" topics.
5. It is possible for your shoes to be too heavy for your legs to lift, and the likelihood of this situation increases with the earlier the hour it is in the morning.
6. The first sunburn of the season will always happen at the oddest time and when you are in the oddest positions....and if I had a camera I would take a picture of my brother's legs to show you.
7. Research has shown that if premature babies are massaged for 15 minutes a day that they develop faster than babies who are not touched.
8. Even if you understand what the IT guy at work is trying to do to your will still be an unnecessary "upgrade" and will take 4 times longer than it should.
9. Premature babies are prone to sleep apnea.
10. My family is rather sneaky about sharing information on my state of mind.

10 Questions I would like answers to:

1. Why is it necessary for my co-worker to stamp her feet outside my office door in order to get me to notice her? Why not just say, Hi?
2. Why does one crave deep fried foods? I understand the craving of fruits and vegetables because your body is only trying to gather nutrients it what did I need out of the fried zucchini at Greek Souvlaki?
3. What was I going to look up earlier today?
4. Why is it that every time I tell my husband that I am upset with something that I am met with silence? Why can't we just have a fight and get over it?
5. And whoa....why am I having blog deja vou?
6. I don't really understand why astronauts suffer from bone density common is this? And how many astronauts are put out of commission for it?
7. Why is it that in one week on GV the Turkish blogs will have too much going on to fit into one article and the Kurdish blogs will not have enough? And vice versa?
8. What was that pre-teen girl trying to accomplish preening in front of her house looking like a hot pink version of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?
9. Why it is that people who are mean to their service dogs don't catch on that their dog is deliberately leading them into that wall?
10. Where did that frigging gnat in my office come from, and how many times do I really need to kill it?

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