Sunday, May 20, 2007

Living Traditions and Project 337

Ventured out today to the Living Traditions Festival. The food is always so good year after year that we (well I decided actually) decided that we would do two meals there, rather than just one. So Jimmy (my brother/surrogate date) went with me. It was a nice day and I don't appear to be burned to a crisp. We tried a bit of everything foodwise: Thai, Pakistani, Hawaiian, Phillipeno...and something else but I can't see to remember. I also made sure to check the performance schedule ahead of time so that we could plan on attending certain things. The first two Middle Eastern music performances were ok...but the Turkish one (done by the UofU Turkish students) was fantastic. And the Cambodian dancers were lots of fun....pretty costumes...I like sparklily things.

The other thing that we went to was an art exhibit called Project 337. Basically there is a building that they are going to tear down to make way for a new housing development. But before they do that they invited artists in from the Salt Lake Valley to use the building as a canvas. It is a fantastic idea and I hope that this is something that continues. Jimmy has some stencils that he has in it and he is kicking himself that he didn't act on participating in the project sooner. Of course, me and my trusty new camera took a god-awful amount of photos (150+) please take a look thorough them. I didn't photograph every inch of the building, but it looks like I did.

And since I had to upgrade my Flickr account....there will be alot more photos of random things posted...because I have to make sure that I get my money's worth.

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