Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hairspray with Jimmy

The Pride Center received a bunch of free movie preview tickets for a screening of the movie musical Hairspray. While I never would have paid to go and see this movie...I just wasn't interested....I am now a complete fan and I plan on buying the movie when it comes out on DVD and the soundtrack as soon as I can.

The pre-show people watching was great. Apparently the radio stations K-Bull and B98.7 gave away tickets to the show as well and Jimmy and I spent most of the time trying to figure out where different people got the tickets from. And luckily we managed to lose the lady in the line behind us who was so eager to tell me all about how what a hunk DJ Country Joe was.

Sometimes movie musicals are really well done like Chicago and Moulin Rouge, and sometimes they are horrible, like Phantom of the Opera. Hairspray was really well done. It didn't feel forced whenever someone broke out into song.

I was a little leary about John Travolta in it (he plays the Mother) but he was excellent! And I was in love with the girl who played Tracy Turnblat about 30 seconds into her opening number. Another nice thing about the movie was the energy of the audience....we were clapping at the end of numbers, laughing with the jokes and cheering and applauding during the fact we stayed through to the end of the credits.

So, I say...go see it when it was alot of fun...just go with the flow of it.

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