Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Coffee Shop Craziness

So after our dinner of breakfast (waffles, sausage and hash browns baby!) Libby and I went out to get coffee to celebrate (not dinner but we were celebrating my election to the Global Voices board-I'll gush about this later).

Sitting at Beans n' Brew enjoying our iced tea, we started to hear what we thought was a play argument between the workers, but soon we realized that it wasn't the case.

Woman: "What is the difference between what you are saying and a lie?! Because you are a liar!"
Man: mumble mumble mumble
Woman: "No! You tell me how that is not a lie?! You tell me right now! How is that not a lie!?"
Man: mumble mumble "please be quiet" mumble mumble
Woman: "What is wrong with you!? You don't go and buy coffee with no money in your pocket!? How much money do you have in your pocket!!??"
Man: mumble mumble mumble
Woman: "What sort of idiot do you have to be to buy coffee with no money?! Show me your wallet! Show me the money in your wallet! Show me now you fucking idiot!"

At this point the woman is yelling at the top of her lungs, and looking like she is going to strike the man. The manager on duty goes over to the couple and quietly asks them to step outside to have their argument. Then the woman turns on the staff...

Woman: "Shut up! Shut! Up! This is NONE of your business! Get your nose out of our business!"
Coffeeshop Manager: "Ma'am, you are disturbing the other customers...."
Women: "Get OUT OF MY FACE! Do not bother me! Get out of my business! Stand away from the counter! No! Stand away from the counter and stay out of my fucking business! (To the man) You! You fucking idiot! This is all your fault! You are the fucking idiot who tries to buy coffee without money in your fucking wallet!"
Man: Grumble "bitch" grumble
Coffeeshop Manager: "Ma'am please step outside."
Woman: "You! You shut the fuck up! Stay out of my business, get away from this counter! I am trying to deal with this fucking liar here who can't pay for his own fucking coffee! Get away from the counter!"
Coffeeshop Manager: "Ma'am, I don't want to have to call the...."
Woman: "I told you to fucking shut up and get away from the counter! DO NOT GET INTO MY BUSINESS! (to the man) What the fuck were you thinking not having any money in your pocket!?!"
Coffeeshop Manager: "Ma'am, I will just give you your coffee for free if you will just leave...."
Woman: "What!? Fine! (to the man) See! See! This is all because of you! Now just look! Aren't you just..... (to the coffeeshop manager who is fixing their coffee) (calmly) oh, can I get a tall...make that order a tall. Thanks. (to the man, angry again) YOU are a fucking idiot, you fucking liar! You are SO lucky that they are getting the coffee to us for free!"
Man: grumbling and heading to the door "We got the coffee free because you are a fucking bitch"
Woman: "I'm a bitch?! You're the fucking lying idiot that forgot to bring money in his wallet!"
Man: "No, it is because you are a bitch!"

And the conversation continued like that until they got outside. Then they started to yell at each other in the parking lot, and then they were gone. It was completely crazy. When she was yelling at the coffeeshop manager I thought that she was going to hop over the counter and slap her. The other thing that was also most appalling about it (besides her public belittlement of the gentleman she was with) was that after her fit, and the free drink that they were offering her to leave....she had the audacity to UPGRADE her drink option.

We talked with the staff about it afterwards because the whole thing was just so crazy...and cool to watch in that voyeuristic way. There was alot of speculation as to whether they intended to make a scene in order to get free coffee...and even if they did, how absolutely low is that? I wouldn't want to show my face in that coffee shop ever again...and this woman thought nothing to the scene was making and how she made herself and the guy with her look.

If they were an item I hope that he broke up with her....no relationship should ever have public scenes that disgraceful.

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