Monday, July 09, 2007

Top Ten List of Things that Happened Since my Last Post

1. While not in chronological order, this one is the most pressing as my feet are all wet. Even though it may sound like fun to fill up a balloon punching ball with a gallon of isn't. Especially when it decides to burst all over you in the living room. My brother is now learning this lesson as he is cleaning up the "flood".
2. Mr.3 seems to be dealing well with the loss of his family members. And I am learning a new type of patience with his mother. While I spent a small fortune on flowers and sent money to help pay for the funeral, I do feel that I have managed to show my extended family that I am good in a crisis.
3. Nothing quite prepares you for the shock when you open the door and find out that the same putz who moved the piano so badly is also the same person paid to do your parents move. On Monday they were supposed to arrive at noon to start packing. They arrived at 1:30. Worked for 45 minutes then a 15 minutes smoke break, worked for another 45 minutes and then had a half hour pizza break, and then left for the day at 5pm.
4. If I could have adopted CJ, the driver from the National moving company, I would have.
5. On the second time of filling up the punching balloon my brother did manage to roll it down the front steps, several times, before it finally burst. In fact the first time he rolled it, it made it too the main sidewalk and then continued to roll down the hill. It was too houses down before it got stuck in the grass.
6. Never ever ever trust Campbell movers in Price Utah. The one day of packing became two and then three days. I watched them steal boxes and attempt to con the driver out of money for work they did not do. I watched them bring my mom to the point of raging tears, and I believe that the moving guy who took the brunt of it deserved everything that he got.
7. When people say that they don't have their limits, like I did, they are wrong. After helping the mover guy load until 3 in the morning, after cleaning the house for my parents, after running myself ragged for months....there is a limit and I hit it. The results weren't pretty.
8. I had to cancel a job interview because of the moving, and after the moving I decided that I wasn't going to look for a second job for a couple more months....well after consulting my bank account and the "help" I gave my in-laws I might be able to make one more month without a second job. So I guess that I start to go looking again.
9. It had now been six friggin months since I last saw my husband.
10. I had a run with the bug that was interesting....she was very rude and tried to shut my bosses' door in my face....the details are not important. What IS important was that I told her to her face that she was very rude and that she should not do that ever again. I think that everyone who witnessed it were probably more shocked than her to see it. In any case, she doesn't really want to deal with me....which is fine because I was spared today when she made the office sing her Happy Birthday.