Thursday, August 02, 2007

Working in the Resource Room....

I am now in the process of reviewing and converting to DVD all of the videos that we have in the resource room at my work. Yesterday went alright...and I thought that today would be alright too, but I think that I have hit my quota today of documentaries on the beginning of Islam.

Although I have found some this one I am watching now called Israel in Dance. It chronicles the Shalom dance troupe out of Tel Aviv...which would normally be fine and perhaps on the boring side, but they have a done their performances in public parks and restaurants.... The styling of the video is that they are trying to do a cross between a music video and a musical, except instead of breaking out into song in the middle of a scene....they are breaking out into dance. I know that they are trying to make it a very serious production but it is the most amusing thing that I have seen in a long time..

oh no! They are now performing in a wild west park! I'm gonna pee my pants!
It's a klemzer version of "Oh Suzanna!"

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