Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Tonight is a first, tonight is the first time since I have moved from home that I have had kids come to the door for trick or treating. I bought candy last week....which Jimmy and I have been eating this week rather than having regular food, so by tonight we only had one bowlful of candy left.....which I have already given out.

So.....I have now started giving out the old jolly ranchers and lemon heads left over from last Halloween...and the gum that Jimmy got when we had my grandfather's funeral. Teenagers think that you are pretty cool if you give them an entire thing of Hubba Bubba. After that, I'm breaking out the peanut butter crackers.

My first trick or treater was so cute!!! A little two year old boy dressed as a penguin. He didn't quite understand why I was giving him candy and he wanted to take each piece separately and put it into his bag.

I think that most of the kids are not from our neighborhood because I'm noticing alot of cars on the road patroling. That's ok though.....I'm having fun!

Only 30 kids so far and it is 9pm.

So here's to waiting and Ghost Hunters Live on SciFi!

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