Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Turtles Have a Crush on Tom Selleck

Apparently the turtles are adjusting to the move into the living room (and the new coconut litter bark) better than I thought. The angry looks stopped after a couple of days....I was expecting at least a week on animosity.

They can watch people on the street during the day and TV at night. Yes, I said TV. The other night I was watching the movie Quigley Down Under....about halfway through the movie I looked over at the turtles who were both turned facing the tv and watching with rapt attention. They stayed that way, did not stir, until the credits started to roll.

Apparently the turtles understand that credits are the end of something, who knew?

I have been watching them for the past few days to see if it is just the tv that they are watching or certain shows. And so far, if it is a quiet show they are not interested....but if there is a noticeable soundtrack- the music gets their attention. They have always liked music, they bob their heads in time to it. However, nothing yet has transfixed them as Quigley Down Under.

Ahhh.... the power of Tom Selleck..

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