Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Depressed Shopping

Yesterday I had the urge to go 'depressed shopping'. Now, in the past I have been depressed because I was flat broke and therefore couldn't go shopping when I wanted to. Yesterday was different. Yesterday, I had money to shop.

But where to shop? I think that I am built very much like my mom, because I felt guilty when I thought of going to shop for something just for me. So I went to Costco...as food is always acceptable to buy. The only food I bought was cookie dough. I also bought a new stereo player for my nano to use in the kitchen (the earphones hurt my ears most days)---a player which Jimmy is exceedingly jealous of. And then....I Christmas shopped. Not much mind you, just a couple of items...some stuff for Dad, some stuff for Mom, I gathered some ideas for Jimmy.

I paid, got in the car. And realized that I had no idea how much I had spent and had to find the receipt in my purse.

All in all, it was quite liberating. I bought something without feeling horrible when I paid for it, and I started on Christmas. Whoohoo!

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