Sunday, December 02, 2007

Day Off/Election Edition

So I have been a bit frustrated that the last two days I haven't been able to log on and work Job 3...and while having 2 days off can be nice, it was not what I was planning on. I have managed to catch up on some things, namely the presidential election candidates. Here is my analysis of the frontrunners:


Guiliani- swarmy to begin with, pro-life but way too anti-gay marriage to even consider.
Romney- Too mormon for me to even being to research.
Huckabee- While I do think that getting Chuck Norris to support him is cool, the fact that he is going to actively push for an amendment to reverse Roe vs. Wade is not.
McCain- my Republican pick. Wants abortion to be a state's decision....which I am ok with as a pro-choicer. And he has an excellent, absolutely excellent Veteran's program.


Kucinich- is it wrong for me to want my president to enjoy dairy products? And have a firm stance on something other than that the Iraq war was bad?
Edwards- Lovely hair, but I don't think that I can forgive him for the low-blow badgering that he did to Cheney on his daughter being gay. It was unfair and counterproductive...and I don't need that in a president.
Hilary- I know that everyone wants her to be her husband, but we need to realize that she is not. I don't like the idea of universal health care...we need something a bit more moderate. And her stance on veterans----horrible. She wants to ramp up a program to teach returning vets to be construction all she believes that military people are fit for is to be ditch diggers.
Obama- My democratic choice. A reasonable health care plan, excellent views on Veteran's issues and the middle class. And he has an excellent adviser, Philip Gordon, who after I had read his book and then was told that he was advising the Obama campaign, made me sit up and pay attention.

So there is my run-down....Obama first, then McCain. I guess that now I need to wait for the primaries to finish up...and then I can make my choices officially.


Metin said...

I agree with you on Hilarious . . .

No universal health care for me.

McCain will not make it, unfortunately.

And neither will Obama.

and I am not sure if Giuliani will hold up? Republicans are desperately looking for a replacement.

Democrats too. They wish Gore was running.

But IMO, Bush is the worst president we've had, unless of course there was a Gore presidency.

Then again, looking at the field, there's no one that I really like. It's like who is the least worst . . .

Maybe Ron Paul will take off that 'goofy' exterior and run as a 3rd party candidate.

Or what about Colbert . . . as a protest candidate.

Too bad Steve Jobs is not running!!!


Kerrith Black said...

I like Bill Richardson. He has no chance so I hope he garners enough support to get appointed Secretary of State.

Question: Why do you think construction worker means ditch digger? Construction is an ever-growing field that includes engineers architects and planners. Veterans could do much worse than seeking a post service career in construction.

Delal said...

Well her program doesn't seem to want to expand into the areas you defined. Besides, the military does alot of job training...other people's programs were much more far reaching...such as expanding GI benefits for schooling and such.

Richardson would be awesome, but he doesn't have a prayer.