Monday, December 03, 2007

I Forgot to Tell You the Poo Story

One of the hazards of Job 3 is that you can come across some "objectionable" websites. Such as the other day where I came "the Poo Button".

On the main page there was a seemingly harmless button that said push...and I did. I little fart noise sounded. Then it flashed to push it again, because as the site said "You know you want to". So I did. An even more noisy and wet fart noise ensued. Then the computer egged me on to press the button again, and being no stranger to the fun of bathroom humor I did.


I was then taken to a video clip of a man standing above a naked woman....pooing. While I admit that I was impressed with the steady stream and endless supply of said poo, I was horrified at the look of ecstasy on this woman's face as she rubbed the feces all over her body and into some areas that definitely aren't a hygienic area for poo (if there is such a thing).

So beware....sometime work and the internet can be a frightening place.

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