Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Finally Cracking?

I might have cracked today. Tomorrow, Jimmy and I head to Holbrook for Christmas and I have been doing my best to get everything ready. Work has been hard this week because for some reason, when I think that I will be gone for almost two weeks on vacation, I think that I have to get two weeks of work done ahead of time. I had two major projects that I had to do and I finished one of them. The other I ended up sending a message to my boss telling her that I had failed her in not getting it done. What I didn't tell her was that I had an anxiety attack and cried in the office over it as well.

Libby got me out of the office for a while...she tried to calm me down, but I was in a right state. We went to go and pick up the rental car today, which was a fiasco. They gave us the wrong size car, so we had to call customer service and go back to the dealer to get the correct size one. The owner was being difficult and I almost punched him when he asked me if I had refilled the tank (because apparently you can burn through a whole tank of gas in twenty minutes or so). Jimmy wisely stepped in-between the two of us...and sort of took over...cause I was ready to kill. According to Jimmy, my Dad and I have similar tempers. Who knew?

After the car issue, Jimmy went with me back to work so that I could finish a couple of things before I leave. I feel a bit better about thing now, but I was throughly unhinged earlier.

Jimmy and I are both excited about going down to Arizona. While I am sad that Mr.3 will not be with us, I am not surprised, hurt, but not surprised.

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