Thursday, January 31, 2008

Being Ms. Fix-It

After posting yesterday I came up with an idea to help the MAL idea so wonderful and simple that apparently my boss's faith in me has been restored even in the face of these apparent 'lax' morals that I have.

She, luckily, has left for a week to attend Marti Gras (insert your own morality joke here- hee hee). And while I am still upset with the comments that she made to me and how she managed to insist categorically that she did not insult me and then just reinforce the same insult...I think that I am officially changing my status with her from livid and mad to highly annoyed.

Yesterday was a marathon day at job 1....I was here in the office for 13 hours yesterday. While I am no stranger to long days (between my two jobs I average 10 hours a day anyway), I feel completely wiped out. I am supposed to go to a celebration for a friend that died recently today. I can only attend a half hour of it because I have to run an event tonight for job 1. I am not sure if I have the energy to walk to my car again, let alone go to this thing this afternoon. Am I a horrible person for not wanting to go to a funeral celebration because I'm tired?

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