Monday, January 14, 2008

Copy Machine Epiphanies and Other Odd Conclusions I have come to the past few days

1. You know that it is going to be a bad laundry day when you take your clothes out of the dryer and a chapstick falls on the floor.

2. Mustard Cleavage would be an awesome band name.

3. No matter what the occasion, Libby's nephews will always end up doing something that will make me cry with laughter. Like when Roan coughed corn all over little Jacob's face....oh dear...that might have been as funny as the time when he stuffed his cheeks with M&Ms and started to drool chocolate.

4. Three year olds spouting "puppy power" are super cool.

5. I'm a fan of facial hair on men, but if you are a man with a beard that you are hoping will create the illusion of having a jaw line when you don't....please don't have your own commercial, as it annoys me. This means you Mr. Oxyclean and Mr. TaxMasters. Your beards are fooling no one.

6. I worked 19 hours in two days on Job 3 and managed to watch all of the first season of Rome and most of the second...god that show is good.

7. While at the copy machine today I realized that it must be easier for those people who get left behind in this world if they know that the other person was dishonest, and that it wasn't something to do with them that drove the other person away.

8. People are weirded out by how well I am taking everything....until I remind them that I have been dealing with the anger and abandonment issues for 11 months already.

9. Who else watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles and thought it was super cool?

10. Plumbers should wear unitards. Libby's handyman had underwear that seemed to reach halfway up his backside, and it was quite pleasant having to watch him work. Plumbertards should be made for all workmen so that the rest of the world doesn't have to be scarred by "the crack".

11. The funniest website I have come across lately is expectant brides. The only thing missing is the ability to buy your own shiny white shotgun.

12. We have a speaker coming who looks just like the Sicilian guy out of Princess Bride. I walked around the office for most of the morning with the flyer, pointing at the photo and shouting "inconceivable!" and "don't mess with a Sicilian when death is on the line!"

13. Jimmy came home and told me that someone stole a water turtle from the pet store today. Who steals a water turtle? Especially as they are mean bastards. They think that they just put it in their pocket. Weirdos. I bet the person who did that has a beard that tries to define their non-existent jaw-line. Inconceivable!

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Ann said...

I really liked looking at the Expectant Brides website. It made me giggle. Surely those women were not actually pregnant! HA!