Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What Prying Eyes Saw

Libby: I want to do the gym at eight. Interested?
me: no. I don't want to work out. I'za lazy ass
Libby: alright then :)
I know that feeling.
me: I haven't cleaned the house either...or starting work.
although I have managed to watch Dr. Phil and write an email
Libby: oh god, not dr phil
me: guilty pleasure since maury isn't on anymore
Libby: This may be the one thing you do that totally grosses me out
me: hee hee hee
awh...come on....
I'm sure I can come up with something worse
Libby: hehe
me: besides....Dr.Phil should be my hero. He has no creditials but people think that he is a real doctor
he is THE life coach
Libby: I gotta go. I think matt was just reading our chat.
me: I could do his job
Libby: scary!
me: hee hee hee
Libby: I'm sure you could. You could possibly be less offensive and still do his job. Talk to you later!

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