Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the profoundness-ness of the new year

I hate the desire to somehow be profound around New know, the desire to come up with some sort of amazing list of things that you have found out about your life, or list of resolutions, or any sort of list that not only makes you sound smarter than what you are but also more spiritually intuned.

So far, the only resolution that I have been able to come up with has been not to slip on the ice this year.

And of course, New Year's Day there is always that urge to be "new" at something. So, yesterday, in that spirit, I finally threw away Mr.3's bar of soap that has been sitting in the shower soap dish since he left. Yesterday it felt liberating, today I just feel if giving up on that harmless piece of soap means that I am giving up on him too.

In other things, in an attempt to be "new", Jimmy and I had a hair dying party yesterday. They had a lot of hair dye at the Walgreens that we visited when we had to get a prescription for him filled. (He got ringworm from some of the animals at work, he has to file it as a workman's comp claim---I can't tell you how funny it is!). I've been calling my new hair the Snow White look...because all I need is the red lipstick and the hair band to look just like her. It isn't a jet black color...because the box said that it was "soft black", and I hope that it isn't too severe. The last thing that I want is to look like the emo eighteen year olds from the birthday party.

I think that I am lukewarm about my hair...and I am disappointed with my actions as to the maybe what I really hate, is not the desire to somehow turn over a new leaf with each new year, but the day after when you just feel ridiculous for trying.

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