Monday, February 18, 2008

The Blessing and Curse of a Paid Holiday

I don't handle free time very well anymore....weekends sorta freak me out because I only have to work one job and I am left with all of this time to do I end up sitting. National Holidays really mess me up. Today I have a list of things to do. One of them is cleaning. I haven't really cleaned the house since I heard about Mr.3 (although I did rearrange all the furniture in the front room) and I need too. The clutter is not only an eyesore, but emotionally it just makes me feel bad. In planning my day today, I estimated how much time it would take to do this task or that and with the cleaning and working job 3 I have about 9 hours (or less) of work ahead of me. Which means that I could in theory sit on my ass for another 3 hours. Which freaks me out, especially as I haven't really done anything productive this morning except bathe. I guess that I am too used to working 10-11 hour days between the two jobs.

I am also frustrated that things are closed today. I need to talk to the people who manage my student loans. I received a letter from them detailing the payment schedule and the amount. According to the letter I have a large loan payment due on the 20th. I have not received a bill yet so I have no clue where to send the payment. And, to add to the frustration, their automated system says that no payment is due at this time. They are closed today, so I can't straighten this out. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but I did my taxes yesterday and found out that I owed money. If I don't have to pay my loan payment this month, I can pay my taxes and get that all over and done with..... and waiting until Tuesday to find out is unbearable at the moment.

Plus, I need to pick up a book from the library and it is closed too... :(

It would be my luck that the day I have time to do errands everyone is closed.

In other news, I did put up a classified ad on Craig's list to sell my wedding dress, I hope that there are some takers. It's a shame I only wore it for the ceremony, I didn't even have it on for more than an hour. It was such a beautiful dress. I hope that it can bring someone else some happiness....while at the same time, helping me pay for the divorce.

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Libby said...


I think you should post pictures of the back of the dress too. The train is pretty. Look! I'm catching up on your blog.