Friday, February 01, 2008


I've been thinking about Mr.3 lately...odd things, mostly devoid of emotion. I'll just be sitting there and realize that he was on my mind..and I continue to think how odd that is.

Time and dates have been playing on my mind. My 2nd wedding anniversary is in a week. It will mark a year since I have seen him last. Next week will also mark a month since I have learned the latest truth about Mr.3. I only seem to learn about him through truths and half truths that choose to reveal themselves in their own time.

We got Jimmy's credit report to see what the damage was. $42,000. So he beats Kathy out by $10,000. We were also able to confirm that Mr.3 used my brother's information before he stole the social security card. In fact on the very same day that Zion's bank told me that the infamous school loan check of 2006 was fraudulent was the very same day the Mr.3 started to apply for a series of credit cards using his information and my brother's. The credit report fills in many many gaps, and exposes other 'consistences' in his actions. Such as the purchasing of luggage the day before he leaves and sending it to an address he wasn't ever intending to return to again.
He did that in July on the eve before we went to Denver the first time. There was a purchase of luggage on his credit card which he had sent to the house in Salt Lake. Since it was never delivered to him he had it returned. When he left Kathy he had luggage purchased and had it sent to Denver...where he obviously never intended to pick it up. It completes a philosophical and psychological circle. He purchased luggage so he can go to Denver and then out to the world for a new life, and he ends that new life by sending luggage back to Denver.

Note of advice for the next person in Mr.3's life....worry when he buys the luggage....the hammer is about to fall.

Of course...with each development, the outline of the upcoming book becomes clearer and I guess that is a bit of a silver lining.

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